Who we are

The Belgian Network for Open and Digital Learning is a non-profit making organization. It aims at establishing cooperation between statutory organizations and private companies with a view to a growing implementation of e-learning in training programmes for employees.

BE-ODL links organisations and companies with a rich experience and expertise with modern information- and communication technology. Since 1999, the Belgian network for Open & Digital learning works hard for the implementation of e-learning in business life. BE-ODL has a strong believe in the future of e-learning and wishes to introduce this training method to a broad general public. Companies will find benefit in e-learning. This new training method lends support to the needs of a company by giving the employees the opportunity to constantly keep up to date their competence. Every company wants to innovate and introduce products and services more quickly. Hence, well trained personnel is an absolute necessity to prove successful.

Be-ODL Conference

Be-ODL Conference

Digital trends challenging learning and training in the workplace

Big data, learning analytics, MOOCs, IoT… The digital transformation of society is happening now ! The pace of innovation continues to accelerate and impacts all areas of activity. To understand the nature of this digital (r)evolution it is important to explore the actual innovation and its (possible) effects on training, education and learning.

Therefore we invite you to our special event on Friday 25 November 2016 AM at the Solvay Library, Brussels with two special guests:

Stephen Downes
The father of connectivism and MOOC’s

Wilfred Rubens
The expert in technology enhanced learning

  • Date and Time

    Fri 25 November 2016
    09:30 – 14:00

  • Location

    Solvay Library - Leopoldpark
    137 rue Belliard-Straat
    1040 Brussels

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  • Registration Fee

    75 euros

Conference in English

This event is organized by Be-ODL (Belgian network for Open and Digital Learning) dedicated to spot and analyze digital trends in training, education and learning.